What matters most when consumers are looking to buy online? What key areas should you look out for as you build an online store? A survey conducted by the Roy Morgan Research on behalf of Rackspace came up with some interesting figures. 83% of people said that convenience was the biggest deal when shopping online. This reveals that if your online store is clunky, out of date and hard to navigate you will certainly loose customers. Ecommerce platforms and their users must and the make sure that usability is a high priority when developing a store. It would be wise to choose carefully next time you build or update your online store, making sure the platform you have chosen is keeping with the times and offers simple usablity.

Out of the survey, price (71%) was a key figure to online shopping, which affirms that prices must be below what people are paying for on the street. Overheads are lower, so consumers expect their prices to be lower online.

47% of people said that the wider range was highly influential to them shopping online. So make sure you are keeping your range and variety of products or services topped up. People want variety and things they cant normaly source in retail stores, so try and think of unique and niche items to give your store that extra kick.